What is the Internet?

This short article, written by Josia Kersen of JK Business Services, gives a general idea about the different uses of the internet.
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What is the Internet ?

What is the Internet?

The Internet in an international computer network.
The core of the network consists of computers permanently linked through high-speed connections. To join the Internet, all you have to do is connect your computer to any of these computers. Once you’re online (connected) your computer can talk to every other computer on the Internet whether they are in your home town on the other side of the world.

What’s it going to do for me?

Having the Internet at your disposal is like having 30 million expert consultants on your payroll.
Except you don’t have to pay them. You can find answers to every question you’ve ever had, send messages across the world instantly, transfer documents, shop, sample new music, visit art galleries, read books, play games, chat, read the latest news in any language, meet people with similar interests, obtain software, or just surf mindlessly through mountains of visual bubblegum. the Internet will become as integral to business as the telephone and fax machine.

World Wide Web - What to expect:

The Web is the glossy, glamorous, user-friendly face of the Internet: a media-rich potpourri of virtual shopping malls, music samples, online magazines, art galleries, libraries, museums, games, job agencies, movie previews, and plenty more.
Once you’re online, for the most part, it’s all free. It’s coverage includes over 30,000 companies, everything from Disneyland to Wall Street, and everywhere from Iceland to Johannesburg, all from the keyboard of your computer. If it’s not happening on the World Wide Web, it’s not happening anywhere.

Recommended Requirements

You’ll need a computer with at least 486 DX 33 PC with 8MG of RAM or a Macintosh 68030 with 8MB of RAM or the equivalent of Atari or Amiga machine.
It will need to be hooked to the net at a modem speed of at least 14.4 kbps, preferably 28.8 kbps, or better still via an ISDN link. Sure, you can get away with less, but it will groan. You will too as you wait for graphic intensive pages to load.

Can I print from it too?

You can print just about anything that comes up on your screen.
On occasion you will only get the graphics without the text, but that is quite rare. For printing you simply click on the icon at the top of your browser (i.e. Netscape) that says PRINT.

Can I save from the Internet onto my computer?

You can just as easily click on ‘File’ and then ‘Save’ to save the information, you can also transfer it into an electronic mail message.
The only problem is that it will be written in HTML (Internet code) and must be converted to be read outside the Internet. You can save it inside your Internet Directory or onto a disk for future reference but you won’t be able to transfer it to a word file.
The best solution for keeping track of sites that interest you is by using the Bookmark system, which literally allows you to place a bookmark on any page or site that interests you. You can edit your bookmark list at any time by adding and deleting pages that you intend to visit frequently, and by doing so save yourself the hassle of entering the addresses each time. This feature is one of the most convenient, efficient and time-saving tricks you will find on the Internet. The ’Bookmark’ button is also right at the top of your browser if you’re using Netscape. A browser is the program you choose to run the Internet on - you use it to browse through the World Wide Web pages. Netscape was voted the most popular browser for surfing the Internet.

The English Advantage

I would like to point out that English-speakers should have no hesitation whatsoever about getting onto the net.
Your speaking English puts you at an immediate advantage because everything is in English on the net. You will find that it’s made for normal, everyday people, who aren’t necessarily “computer people”. It’s extremely friendly, and there is an abundant amount of help available to anyone who needs it. The most beautiful part of the Internet, is that you can e-mail a question to anyone in the world - even to the President of The United States. Whenever you’re stuck, you just start asking questions and 95% of the time you’ll get an answer within 24 hours (well, not from Clinton himself, but there is an automatic reply from the White House saying they’ve received your message).

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